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Welcome to 
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I have 6 years of experience in sales, working at a major IT company selling to small- and medium-sized businesses in Japan.

After leaving the company in 2015, I moved to Australia and majored in marketing at a local vocational school (TAFE) while working as an operator, organising local Australian services for Japanese customers.

After returning to Japan in 2019, I am working as an operations manager at an international organisation that holds social events for business owners in Japan. As a result, I can make full use of my background in language, sales, marketing, and operation, providing insight into Japanese perspectives and culture to boost your business effectively.

Aki’s Ideas Design

Why Aki's Ideas Design?

Target Audience

Japan is the third-largest economy in the world and many companies extend their business here. Despite a company’s domestic competence, having local help in Japan is essential to the smooth operation of your business as the culture is quite different from your own. I was born and raised in Japan and also lived in Australia for work. I’ve seen that a great marketing method may work well in Japan but not in Australia, and vice versa. If you run your business in Japan, it’s crucial to understand Japanese perspectives. Please let me support your business by tailoring your website to attract customers in Japan.

Online and Inbound

This unprecedented pandemic has forced us to change our lives, and the new norm is completely different. The business book Who Moved My Cheese? describes change in one’s work and life. This global situation illustrates the book’s idea that some people can’t accept reality, while others instantly adapt to the new normal. Many companies and stores are finding their way online as an essential channel to survive in this era. With this new frontier, however, comes a new set of challenges; I will support your needs not only by creating your website, but also by helping you deliver your message effectively.

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